How to install 2 or more Elastifile Cloud File System V2.7.5.X in the same project on GCP

Elastifile Cloud File system deployment on GCP is using static routes for the load balancing.

This causes a limitation to install 2 Elastifile Cloud File system on the same VPC network.

In the case 2 Elastifile Cloud File system are needed, on the same GCP project, the correct way to do it, is to install them on 2 separated VPC networks.

When launching the second system in Google Marketplace choose the desired 'Network Name' , different then the first deployed system.

For example first system is installed with 'default' 'Network Name', 

the second will need a different 'Network Name', 'support vpc' in this case.

You can continue and deploy more systems on the same project, each one on a different VPC.

The first Elastifile Cloud File System 'Network Name'

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