How to Deploy Elastifile with Terraform on Google Cloud Platform

Terraform allows for automation of infrastructure management, or “Infrastructure as Code.” Learn more here

You can use Terraform to automate Elastifile deployments. We have developed an example method for deploying Elastifile on Google Cloud.

To use this example:

  1. Check the prerequisites in your Google project to ensure it's ready to go. 
  2. You will need an appropriate GCP image name which represents the correct Elastifile version. The latest available version is: elastifile-storage-2-7-5-12-ems. Please note this is the same image that is used to deploy Elastifile from Google Marketplace. As such, using this image subjects you to the same terms of service and payment terms as listed on Google Marketplace. Please review these terms before proceeding.
  3. Detailed instructions are on this github repository. Follow the steps in the Make sure you're using the image name from step 1 in the terraform.tfvars file.
  4. Once deployed, go to your GCP project and you'll find the Elastifile Management VM with the name you supplied for your cluster. Launch the "External IP" in your browser, login with username "admin" and the password you supplied in the password.txt file.
  5. For usage instructions at this point, refer to standard Elastifile documentation.
  6. Enjoy!

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