Elastifile Kubernetes Provisioner Deployment Guide


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This guide describes how to deploy a Kubernetes provisioner in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment for use with an Elastifile Cloud File System (ECFS).


Since your Kubernetes provisioner requires network access to your ECFS cluster. Elastifile recommends that they share the same VPC and subnet.

To install ECFS, go to:


For installation instructions, go to:

https://support.elastifile.com/support/solutions/articles/42000034330-elastifile-2-7-0-launcher-gcp-installation- guide

Deploying a Kubernetes Provisioner

In the Google Cloud Platform Console, select your project.                                                              


Click Marketplace.                                                                                                                                   

In the Search for solutions bar, type Elastifile.                                                                                    

In the results, under the Kubernetes apps type, click elastifile (Kubernetes volume provisioner).

Click CONFIGURE.                                                                                                                                

Perform the following:                                                                                                                        

  1. Select an existing Kubernetes cluster or click Create a new cluster.

  2. Select the Namespace you want to use.

  3. Use default or type an App instance name for your provisioner.

  4. In Elastifile Management Console URL, type the URL of your Elastifile EMS.

  5. Type the domain name for the load balancer.

  6. In the Username and Password fields, type the Elastifile Management  Console credentials.

  7. In serviceAccount, type the Kubernetes service account name.

  8. Click Deploy.

Your Kubernetes provisioner starts deploying.                                                                                

Your Kubernetes system is deployed.                                                                                            

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