Elastifile 2.5 - 2.7 and 3.x DSM Hardware Requirements Guide


Ensure that your hardware is compatible with the latest Red Hat Hardware Compatibility List.



Note: Elastifile's Data Network expects a 10GbE connection. In addition, we highly recommend a dedicated VLAN with MTU 9000 (jumbo) frame support for its internode data communication. Elastifile uses the VLAN to isolate its internal IP  scheme.

The network switch should meet the following port configuration requirements:

  • Minimum 10GbE full duplex; 25/40/100GbE also supported

  • U=9000 - highly recommended

  • Dedicated VLAN (trunk or access mode) - highly recommended

Note: Elastifile requires using two 10GBe switches minimum (one switch for each Elastifile network).


NICs used in the Elastifile networks should meet the following requirements:

  • 2 x 10GbE for the data network

  • 10GbE minimum for the client network

  • SR-IOV must be off for DSM


Storage Devices

  • Up to 12 devices per Dedicated Storage node

  • Maximum device size: 4TB

  • Minimum data center grade devices:

    • NVMe SSD

    • SATA SSD

Disk Controllers

No RAID Controller is needed.

Note: If the Disk Controller has a RAID controller, disable it and configure the controller to operate in JBOD mode.

Host Resources

EMS Hardware Requirements

Note: The EMS can be installed as a physical server or a virtual server on VMware or KVM.

Each EMS requires the following resources:

  • CPU:

    • Intel-based, 4th generation and higher

    • 4 virtual or physical cores minimum

  • RAM: 8GB minimum

  • SSD: 64GB minimum

Controller Hardware Requirements

Each Elastifile controller requires:

  • CPU:

    • Intel-based, 4th generation and higher, dual-socket

    • 6 cores minimum per CPU

    • Up to 16 cores per CPU (ECFS uses up to 20 cores, the kernel uses spare cores)

    • Hyperthreading disabled.

  • RAM: 96GB to 256GB RAM (DDR4 or higher).

  • SSD: Boot device with minimum 128GB, 3.2 DWPD, or 256GB with 1.6 DWPD.

Replication Service Machine Hardware Requirements (optional)

Each replication service machine requires:

  • CPU:

    • Intel-based, 4th generation and higher

    • 4 virtual or physical cores minimum.

    • Supports up to 4 concurrent bidirectional replications. Number of CPUs can be increased to support more concurrent replications.

    • Hyperthreading: Supported

  • RAM: 16GB RAM minimum (should be increased if CPU count increases). Recommended: 4GB per CPU core

  • SSD: Boot device with minimum 38GB.

Elastifile 2.5 - 2.7 DSM Hardware Requirements Guide

Elastifile 3.x DSM Hardware Requirements Guide

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