How to rename default ECFS system name - System0

In some cases we will need to rename the Elastifile system. The system name identifies the cluster from the command line and from the EMS web interface. It also is the name that will be registered with Elastifile's support system.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Get current system name and system ID

    root@emanage ~# . elfs_admin
    [root@emanage ~(elfs_admin)]# elfs-cli system list -t
    id  name     description  uuid                                  status      connection_status  uptime                    version
    1   System0               830767eb-5c6a-4ef5-97c2-21c2234d24c8  in_service  connection_ok      2017-07-09T06:06:14.000Z
  2. Rename the relevant system name

    [root@emanage ~(elfs_admin)]# elfs-cli system update --id 1 --name VC29-BM-Support
    id:                    1
    name:                  VC29-BM-Support
    uuid:                  830767eb-5c6a-4ef5-97c2-21c2234d24c8

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