ECFS GCP Cloud Deployment Prerequisites

Networks Prerequisites

ECFS does not support legacy type networks (VPC)
Only one instance of ECFS can be installed per VPC

Installing in a Service Project inside a Shared VPC is not supported by GCP marketplace, please contact Elastifile Support for help.

Firewall Rules Prerequisites


The Elastifile Cloud File System is a distributed file system created from standard cloud instances. The system is launched via the Elastifile Management Server (EMS). EMS creates and configures the storage nodes based on user capacity requirements. The EMS and the storage nodes must communicate with each other using multiple protocols. Customer applications running in the customer project must communicate with the Elastifile storage nodes using NFSv3 (multiple TCP and UDP ports). To ensure the successful launch and operation of the system Elastifile configured the necessary FW rules as part of the installation. If for some reason your project prevents the creation of the FW rules please make sure that one of the following firewall rule options must be available.

Option 1 - Preferred

Keep the default “default-allow-internal” rule enabled.

Option 2 - Customized Rules

If your security policy does not allow the default internal rule, then add the following rule:

Name: elastifile-storage-management

source range: vpc-network cidr

source tags: elastifile-storage-node, elastifile-replication-node, elastifile-clients

target tags: elastifile-management-node


- TCP: 22,53,80,8080,443,10014-10018,10028

- UDP: 53, 123, 6667

Name: elastifile-storage-service

source range: vpc-network cidr

source tags: elastifile-management-node, elastifile-storage-node, elastifile-replication-node, elastifile-clients

target tags: elastifile-storage-node, elastifile-replication-node


- TCP: 22,111,443,2049,644,4040,4045,10015-10017,8000-9224,12121,32768-60999

- UDP: 111, 2049, 644, 4040, 4045, 6667, 8000-9224,32768-60999

Name: elastifile-clients

source tags: elastifile-storage-node

target tags: elastifile-clients, elastifile-replication-node

- UDP: all

Resource Quota Prerequisites 

The Elastifile Cloud File System uses the following resources

Note: You must ensure that your project quota can support these requirements.

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